Does anyone know if the Vivoactive 4 have support for power meters, like the garmin vector? So you can get something a little more stylish that will also track your workouts. You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. Hi, recently bought my beautiful new Vivoactive watch and it is wonderful. Today Garmin announced the new Vivoactive 4 & 4S watches, within a pile of different color/material variants. Don’t jump on this right out of the gate. I am the Vivoactive 3-owning, lifestyle customer customer being targeted. I assume that’s a mistake and that I’ll be waiting for a while yet. Thanks all on the sizing catch! A real pity since this watch looks so much better than a Forerunner 245. I’m also not sure what you mean by codespace. You'll support the site, and get ad-free DCR! ... You can get Live Strava segments on a couple of Polar bike computers (M460 and V650) but only one watch – the ageing V800. You can see, that they moved both sensor holes to the top, next to where the band is attached. Imagine if your swim workout said ‘Repeat set 23 times’. Oh, and you can sign-up for the newsletter here! At the time of writing no Suunto watch supports Live Strava Segments if that's a feature you're interested in. Apple might have it next year, but I will never buy apple. (with always on enabled I mean..). Anyway, thanks, I’ll jump to the forerunner and Fenix reviews now. To this day, I’m not sure if the battery run-time of my VA3 was due to the assortment of apps and widgets I chose, my watch face or just a fact of life for the hardware. I don’t expect the more involved features (breathwork, yoga exercises, etc.) Did a 116km sportive yesterday. I like to be inconspicuous when I’m out and about, and the always-on screen has given me pause. When creating a custom strength workout in connect and you include both reps and weight can you edit those reps and weight when actually performing the workout on the watch. IOW they’re intent on not angering buyer of new release in the last 12 or 18 mnths, Can’t say I easy answer and wherever you draw the line there will be haters lining up. But the above dataset is largely representative of what I’m seeing across the board for accuracy (both good and bad). No audible beeps. The HR plots are impossible to read even if you ‘zoom in’. Something almost jawbone like would be great. GREAT! At $349USD – that’s basically a $100 more than the Vivoactive 3 Music is going for these days. No shortage of issues come up, just not these. Hence I will wait and see. And in the case of both Venu and the Vivoactive 4, I’ve had a far rougher stability experience than I’d find acceptable at this point in time. At this point I haven’t done any weighing pre and post workout to validate this, but maybe if I get some nice warm days I will. It will also work with some built-in heart rate monitors. Is there an option anywhere to adjust your sweat rate so Garmin makes better predictions? That’s a lot more than inflation. I wonder if anyone can comment on the touchscreen with wet/sweaty fingers. I would hope for the same ultimate meaning here. Presumably it’s water, but perhaps you’re going for a vintage wine bar hopping experience and really want to know how many glasses you’ve drank. In your opinion, are the running functions in this watch enough for someone like me? Also, i played with fenix 6 and it seems that there is not way to shutdown HR elevate sensor. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Check out Mostly because I work shifts, so I appreciate tracking how I’ve been living the past days etc. For more information, go to I did a two hour mostly flat rollerski workout, 23 laps, minor change in elevation, and I checked with atmospheric pressure same time, it also dropped 1 mb, so if I take into account that, then it was perfectly precise! Adding GPX routes to Garmin watches has been a … I’m hoping Ray or anyone with a VA3 or newer garmin watch can answer this. Though, from an optical heart rate standpoint, all the units were very close on the intervals. The list of differences is long. Thanks again In the UK/EU/Australia/New Zealand? Strava Routes on Garmin Vivoactive 4? With strength training you’re also getting rep-specific information too. following a path)? Link: link to And now I found this watch. Swapped around, and I cleaned up a few of the comments relating to it. I do love lifestyle tracking, like sleeping, breathing etc. The slightly larger screen and better aesthetic are pros in my opinion. There you can enable manual lapping, that works Garmin Vivoactive 4: $349.99 |Amazon | Garmin. Dive in! Doesn’t work with Strava Live Segments I bought this to use for Strava Live Segments. You can see it on a dedicated widget on the watch: And then also see all the trending data on Garmin Connect Mobile within the respiration rate section under health stats. So here is the most up to date list of products I like and fit the bill for me and my training needs best! ), “CUSTOM WORKOUTS: Build your own workouts in Garmin Connect, and download them to the watch.”, create the workout on GC, save = doesn´t transfer on the watch,but we´ll use the calendar instead, calendar on GC, add a workout for the planned day = will transfer on the watch, starting an activity and then the planned workout, so at least that way works – can live with that. Whats so much better about Strava than the garmin ones. Ahh yes, the good ol’ classic evening fall run chest strap lack of connectivity (despite wetting it). Are you under the impression that there’s features that would be in these watches that aren’t there simply because there’s a lack of space? Sieh dir deine Leistung in Echtzeit – also während du auf deinem Lieblingssegment unterwegs bist – direkt auf dem Garmin an. Note that I have had a unit for the last couple of weeks. Here we are shifting towards later 2019 and the Vivoactive 3 Music along with various other music competitors are hanging out in that $250-$300 range (at most). It's a little too dated for us to recommend. No, unfortunately not. It is more rugged and has features more geared for outdoor adventures. The information in this manual applies to both Garmin Connect segments and Strava segments. I now ukderstand it is because those have animations, but I prefer freedom chosing the workouts and naming them. Ultimately though the Vivoactive 4 and Venu watches are *identical* in features and functionality. I’ve had no issues with this with my VA3 music. Plus the bringing in bits like PulseOx and the new Sony GPS chipset from other watches. (PulseOx, Heart Rate, Move IQ). In a previous comment, I mentioned that I had ordered the Vivoactive 4S, but that I assumed it was a mistake on Garmin’s website since all of the other models aren’t available for another 4-5 weeks. That’s my addiction that I can’t do without. In fact, I think the pending firmware update may have *caused* the battery issue, because I realized that it was “stuck” in a half-downloaded state in the Garmin Connect app, so I’m wondering if the app was constantly trying and failing to push down the update via Bluetooth. It's become my go-to speed sensor. Given that the vivoactive is brand new and probably a very high volume model, I wouldn’t read into this too much. Syncing to Strava is baked into the companion app – and it's the only available API. So you can be poring over that Strava data in no time. Power meters are a premium feature and one of the things they use to differentiate products. Oh my days, sorry for the stupid photo. I really don’t understand music on a watch. It needed a 3-hour software upgrade right out of the box, and another one today. The difference between the 4 … The screen is wet. I legitimately got better tracks on my Vivoactive gen 1, than a 245 I ended up returning. Av heart rate 89. This is in the hope that sufficient requests might make them prioritize the development. So other sports activities would also be in my range as amateur and fun sports like. We’ll have to see what the market thinks. Get street cred for your sweat. I think it likely depends on the popularity of which model you chose. It´s more an update then a real enhancement. Like previously mentioned, the Vivo Active has a lot of similar features as the Spartan Sport: long battery life, VO2 tracker, and many sports trackers. You'll also find support on the Polar Grit X and the new Vantage V2. I am curious of the VA4 compares to the 245. Do you know if there is a airplaine mode? The Strava Live Segments feature brings the experience of competing on a segment to these compatible GPS devices. I think it looks nicer than the Fenix series. Once you link your accounts, the data transfer is two-way. But where it could be more interesting is on the higher end watches (which it’s coming to shortly) in terms of longer endurance workouts. Looking for the best sports tech deals for the holidays? Here, let me show you. Does anyone know if the vivoactive 4 will work with airpods? And again, this time for that heart rate graph. Like you could on the old VivoActive HR, where you got the top/default activity type. So logically if I have a 235 and do a lot of trail running including training for a 100 next year what would you recommend as an upgrade? what a dedicated person to sport tech to do the two blog posts with a lot of pics of two watches who are quit ethe same ! Vivoactive 4S: €279 & €299 depending on bezels/buttons 2015 Vivoactive $169 I gave up. I’ve had excellent results with it. For example, if i understand correctly, garmins Training Load score is based on how taxing a workout is based on EPOC (Excess Post exercise Oxygen Consumption). Given you originally said September and it’s not there yet + comments of early purchasers are so-so I’m wondering if I can safely order one now (i.e. I currently have an edge 530 bike computer that gets 14 firstbeat metrics (in theory, I feel like I actually haven’t seen all of them). Appreciate it! Likely tomorrow (Fri). Pretty much all of Garmin's watches are built to play nice with Strava, from budget watches like the Garmin Forerunner 35 all the way up to the likes of the Fenix 6 (pictured above) and the Forerunner 945. I was kind of hoping this would replace my AW and Forerunner, but alas…there still appears to be no watch to rule them all. And lastly, if you felt this review was useful – I always appreciate feedback in the comments below. However where it really starts to get interesting is that you can create your own workout with Garmin Connect/Garmin Connect Mobile: Though, at present you don’t see the animations on the Vivoactive – but hopefully that’s where things end up. Garmin lost me forever, because of this arrogant approach and spare me to talk about that technology inside, because their GPS is not accurate at all. But I agree it would be huge if Garmin would actually create a proper app enviroment like Apple. Other watches, most notably Fitbit, have been doing this for years in the strength and core workout realm. What a bad Elevation on the data set you published. I have a VA3 music, and I like it except: bad altimeter/barometer, only one button, can’t use advanced pods like Stryd or Garmin’s Dynamics or advanced HR strap. . Let’s hope Garmin opens it up to work with more accessories; that will be the make it break for me. I asked this on twitter, but I was just curious. A new VA4 with a crazy high price point, that they’ll probably refuse to allow it to work with all the sensors. Let’s switch gears though and look at accuracy a bit as well as the new sweat loss functions, and no better way to do that than an interval workout. Here's a few other variants or sibling products that are worth considering: And finally, here’s a handy list of accessories that work well with this unit (and some that I showed in the review). Strava offers a standalone app letting you take advantage of those sports tracking features showing time, distance, pace, lap and split times. If you’re trying to decide which unit to buy – check out my in-depth reviews section. The way this works is that you define three ‘vessels’ (or cups, as you see them), and each of these are basically custom containers. I will say, the Venu screen is growing on me, especially as I compare it to the VA4. If he does not, then Garmin seems confused given the “S” in the fenix line is the smaller variant. It looks so nice… I suppose we cant expect the same battery life with this kind of screen right? It's a … And about 1/3 of the time that it does finally register, it registers as the other touchscreen option, “Delete.” Does the Vivoactive 4 have a different flow for finishing workouts? Have you used PacePro on the 645M? This is first time I comment in here. Does the Hydration feature sync with the water consumption data on MyFitnessPal? Would go for the Apple watch (as it just has many day to day functions too) but I’m an android user… Which Garmin watch would you recommend or am I better advised to switch to the apple eco system… Thanks so much ! But this post is about the Vivoactive 4, not Venu. Would make it ideal for use with Zwift on Apple TV, or even the new Tacx desktop app which is Bluetooth only on Mac or pc. And with a newborn, things are just a bit delayed/wonky across the board. The features on the watch check everything I wanted just a bit disappointing. Please see this article. I believe if you are following a course, to use Strava segments the route must be created in the Strava route planner. First world problems , Hi Tony. I wish they would take it out of all watches other than the Approach series (which are already golf specific) and strip it from having such a high prominence in the Connect app. Bob, with audible and audible files it will be really complicated to get it to work. – Quick on the fly intervals Update! Hello, It uses buttons only rather than buttons and a touch screen. However, if you are a Strava power user, buying a top end device will bag you things like Live Segments. So connecting Garmin Connect and Strava does give you the best of both worlds. However, the differences are most visible compared to the Venu when you put them side by side in some of the widgets. But when i do an hour of heavy strength training (deadlifts, squats and so on), which is very demanding EPOC wise (and not very linear regarding heart rate and how anaerobic the session is), the watch seems to only base my effort on heart rate and can say “8 or 12 hours until next workout”, whereas it should rather say maybe 48 hours+ on such a session. We’ll dig into that too – this compared against the HRM-DUAL chest strap and the Polar OH1 Plus optical HR sensor. Art imitating life or something like that. So which one is best value for money, VA4 or VENU??? Forerunner 735XT jest pierwszym zegarkiem do biegania Garmin, który oferuje funkcję Strava Live Segments i 5-letni okres próbny usługi Strava Premium. It took a few weeks to get my Edge 530 as well when it was brand new. Next we’ll get into some of the new health features, starting off first with the refreshed health stats. I was on a hunt for a new watch couple of months ago, but i ended up sticking with my vivoactive3. My VA3 is far too receptive and I’m often finding the screen has reset itself to a different background or my music starts randomly playing because my sleeve has set it off!

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